The Eldering Journal

From Wisdom to Action in 30 Days


Wondering what to do with the rest of your life?

Tired of being told what to expect and what you can and cannot do as you grow older?

The surest strategy for having the future you want is to create it.

This provocative 30-day program prepares you to create the life you’d love to live. The Eldering Journal will open your mind to possibility and gently lead you to uncover any hidden obstacles to experiencing love, happiness, wellness, creative self-expression and being valued. Each day in this directed journal includes a stimulating quote, a corresponding reflection, and questions to guide your inquiry. By the end of the process, you will have had the opportunity to examine your relationships with yourself and others, your circumstances and time. This inspirational approach is your guide to becoming ‘wisdom in action’.


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“A critical lesson about purpose is that the emergence, the generative quality, of what is uniquely our life purpose is a core concern in the second half of our lives. There are many other core concerns, but this one must never be out of sight, particularly as we learn how to grow old.”
—Richard Leider and David Shapiro
Something to Live For (2008)

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